BankTalentHQ Inks Partnership with America’s Job Exchange

BankTalentHQ Inks Partnership with America’s Job Exchange

This is a good strategy for an upsell product to employers. Jobs posted on BTHQ will be filtered to the diversity network on AJE. -CR

BankTalentHQ is dedicated to connecting talent in the financial services industry, and we are excited to announce our latest partnership with America’s Job Exchange (AJE) to make connecting even easier for your bank. We are committed to keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the recruiting process. America’s Job Exchange provides niche diversity sites and community-based recruiting to reach the candidates you need to succeed.

AJE’s Diversity Recruitment solution offers intelligent job distribution across a highly-targeted network of diversity and niche industry sites. And since effective diversity recruiting is all about making connections, AJE also provides the tools needed for effective outreach and local community-based recruiting.

In today’s business landscape, it is essential to support a diverse workplace. Employers large and small need to place a focus on diversity within their recruitment activity. But, where do you begin?

Cultivating a diverse candidate pool requires a diversity recruitment strategy. To develop a workforce rich in diversity, human resource managers should begin at the top of the hiring funnel. In constructing your hiring funnel, you should

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