Back to Business: Workforce Planning Amid Uncertainty

As the United States begins to relax shutdown rules, confusion abounds. Which businesses will reopen first? How many workers will be required?

There is no national standard, and no national plan for reopening. Each governor is determining how his or her state will move forward. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines – milestones that must be reached prior to reopening – but many states appear to be ignoring these guidelines.

For businesses that operate in multiple states, the situation, fraught with unknowns, creates even more challenges.

Big picture

One thing is known: It won’t be business as usual. At this point, two sentences have become clichés, and yet they ring true: These are unprecedented times, and this is uncharted territory.

Whether you run a small to midsize business or a large corporation, safety and staffing are likely top of mind as you prepare to reopen.

Starting small

Although there are no national guidelines, 25% seems to be the starting number with regard to capacity. This means stores, restaurants, and others that have the greenlight to reopen can operate at 25% capacity.

It’s important to note that this is not necessarily the percentage of workforce that

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