Avoiding the Performance Management Technology Trap

There is perhaps no topic more misunderstood and maligned in digital age HCM than how best to appraise employee performance. In 2020, HR executives find themselves in the unenviable position of not only having to navigate the rough and murky waters of digitalization, but a steady stream of buzzwordy and often contradictory surveys, corporate press releases and thought leadership proclamations on the matter.

Are you an immature organization? Time to evolve! Stack rankings – not useful! Not implementing OKRs? What about an agile framework? You should be! Hierarchical structures? Obsolete! 360-degree feedback? The only feedback…

Etc., etc., etc.

Our experience as a global HCM software company has provided us with valuable insight into the evolution of talent management in organizations of all shapes and sizes. And while many thought leaders would have you believe that your only option is to evolve your performance management models or face extinction, the reality is not so black and white, but rather a mishmashed blend of gray. What we have learned in our 15 years of dedicated service is that there exists a diverse spectrum of performance management methodologies, with most of our customers deploying – and preferring – a mixture of both

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