Automate SAP SuccessFactors with SAP Intelligent RPA

Automate SAP SuccessFactors with SAP Intelligent RPA

SuccessFactors Learning management IRPA – Managing Learning Assignments rules using Intelligent RPA

Why is IRPA relevant?

RPA is about creating software robots to carry out rule-based repetitive task on any platform. RPA helps in automating labor-intensive tasks.

Agility- helps improve business processes, Acceleration – SAP IRPA stands apart as this can be built quickly, Productivity – RPA improves the quality of work with accuracy.

RPA is relevant today because business process in organizations are very individual and are getting complex. With the increasing number of systems that businesses wants to integrate and include more stakeholders its good to automate applications so humans can rather do tasks that are beneficial for business objectives.

What are assignment profiles in learning management SuccessFactors?

Assignment profile automates the assignment of various learning activities to group of users who share the common learning needs. Assignment profiles provide the ability to specify assignment rules to dictate user population that should receive learning assignment.

In addition, to design the rule, assignment profile lets you organize the courses (Items, programs, curricula, recommendations, catalogs, etc.) you would want to assign to target population.

The below screenshot shows the assignment profile in SuccessFactors. – This is the release in preview

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