Artificial Intelligence: From the Home to the Office

Artificial Intelligence: From the Home to the Office

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Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live and work. The technology we use every day is getting smarter, from the iPhone in our pocket to the laptop at the office. AI-driven applications are enabling people to be healthier, happier, and more productive in their personal lives. Similarly, businesses are able to leverage AI to generate more revenue, keep both their employees and customers happy, and optimize their workforce. These transformations are occurring in three distinct ways via digital assistants, nudge notifications, and automation. 

Many of us are familiar with using an AI voice assistant in our homes, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, a technology that eMarketer estimated over 100 million people used at least monthly in the US. The appeal of a voice assistant is the satisfaction of an on-demand productivity tool.  Simple interactions, such as “add milk to my shopping list” or “turn on the living room lights” allow us to stay on track and be efficient with our time. We begin to turn these behaviors into a daily habit in our lives at home, and as a result, we expect this level of productivity from our technology at work. 

Digital Assistants

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