America, Roy Moore and Smart Companies

America, Roy Moore and Smart Companies

Let’s talk about Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate Race and how it relates to smart companies.

I’m a moderate Republican. I live in Alabama. But I love America.

The thing I love best about America is that it has an automatic bullshit meter. But wait! Before you gush or rant about last night’s senatorial election (congrats Doug Jones) and put me in whatever camp you’re a part of, please don’t.

America’s bullshit meter has been around for centuries. Any time a single party has too much power, America – and single states like Alabama last night – revolt against the poor judgment and arrogance it senses and votes the incumbent party out.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

The result of that arrogance in 2016 was that Hillary Clinton lost a seemingly can’t-lose election to Donald Trump.  There are other examples in between, but in 2017, the GOP somehow allowed the worst candidate possible into a special senatorial race, confident that it didn’t matter.

More arrogance. America/Alabama’s bullshit meter went off, and the result is a Democratic Senator in a state that last elected a national Democrat when cars didn’t have automatic windows.

Don’t talk to me about fake news or paid accusers in either case.  America’s bullshit meter reigns supreme.

When you think about it, great companies have fine-tuned bullshit meters like America.

At a high level, the best companies allow leadership teams to become extreme/polarized from a strategy perspective, but when the results aren’t there and the viability of the company is threatened, they make a change before the enterprise can’t recover.  Bad companies wait too long and never come back.

The best companies allow high performing individuals to have their feet right up to the line related to disruptive personalities, but cut the cord the first or second time they cross the line.  Bad companies fail to take action and the result is lawsuits, reputation damage, bad culture and a talent exodus.  (Part of this line has changed dramatically in the past 2 months via #metoo)

The best companies have bullshit meters like America.

The GOP is on the clock for the mid-term elections in 2018, and mid-term elections are generally unkind to the party with total power.

The Democrats are on the clock in Alabama.  If Doug Jones doesn’t serve our state well and the GOP presents a candidate who doesn’t ride a horse to the voting poll, we’ll be coloring the state completely in red again soon.

It’s up to the parties, but more importantly, the decider – America’s bullshit meter.

I hope your company is a lot like America.  Often criticized, but always evolving and adjusting – never hostage to a single line of thinking.

–War Eagle and RTR.

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