AI Can Improve Talent Mobility

AI Can Improve Talent Mobility
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A lack of updated employee and contractor information is a key roadblock in realizing the next leap in productivity but AI can help.


AI Can Improve Talent Mobility


Internal mobility and contractor redeployment are core strategies used by most companies to increase productivity at work. However, there is one core problem that is a significant inhibitor to utilizing technology to optimize both of these activities – lack of updated information.


Let’s look at the three most common reasons employees and contractors don’t keep their information updated and how AI can help.


A Worker’s Expected Level of Effort vs. Perceived Value Is Low

Engagement on internal mobility, talent management, and online marketplace platforms decrease as the noise and number of solutions increase every year. The effort put into keeping these platforms updated doesn’t provide enough value to keep employees or contractors engaged. The misalignment of expectations creates distrust in the platforms as a whole and is why engagement within them is always a struggle. We have to stop expecting people to put so much work into technology without trusting that what they get out of it will be time well

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