Agile Recruiting in the Face of Uncertainty

Agile Recruiting in the Face of Uncertainty

I recently spent some time thinking about how recruiting organizations are undergoing a vast change in compressed time frames as we deal with: unemployment few of us have experienced, and a pandemic that has forced us to reconsider all parts of human capital management, and for those companies still hiring, a whole new world in talent attraction.

As we watch and live through these rapidly unfolding events, the most striking thing is the pace at which things are changing. In fact, things are changing at such a rate that typical data models that we use to make assumptions and decisions are failing us.

If ever there was a time to adopt an agile method for your recruiting organization, today is the day.

At our May 19th webinar, I proposed that recruiting organizations pick up the torch and shift their internal models to an agile methodology that allows for responsive and reactive recruiting techniques. As Winston Churchill famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  

What Is Agile Recruiting?

We proposed the following definition: Agile recruiting is responsive recruiting that uses data and technology for strategic planning and decision making.

Agile recruiting allows for quick execution, but success depends

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