After the Furlough

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After you have evaluated and implemented all of the COVID-19 health and safety protections, there are five things you should do to prepare for your employees’ return.


After the Furlough




As employees begin to return to work, many are going through a kaleidoscope of confusion, fear, exhilaration, grief, and anxiety. Since that fateful Friday afternoon when everyone went home expecting to be back the next Monday, workers have been subjected to confusing information and treatment every step of the way.




After years of discourse about multiple generations in the workforce, the implications will have been played out with unprecedented finality. Older workers won’t come back at the same rate as younger workers because they are more vulnerable. Younger workers who don’t have resources to survive long term unemployment may have since moved back in with parents. Newer employees may decide to take their portable skills elsewhere. Seasoned employees may choose early retirement in order to focus on family. Everyone is rethinking their priorities and what matters.


Furloughed or not furloughed?


As the impact of the pandemic has grown more profound, decisions were and are being made about

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