A Valentine’s Day Ode to HR

A Valentine’s Day Ode to HR

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Tired executive eyes are red, paycheck stubs are blue,
The emergence of AI is creating excitement, a comprehensive platform too.
As fondness for HR grows, people engagement is in sight,  
There’s so much to care for, an entire story to write.  

We adore innovative recruiting, qualified talent is hard to find,
From candidate personas to multiple generations, it’s all a daily grind. 
Some say improve the process, you’ll raise how you fare, 
To those who want to apply, they’ll see how much you care

Perhaps it’s the joy of work, reflected by performance in the role,
The job that speaks to one, an assignment that sparks the soul.
For fondness of vocation, is found in the very few,
A deep sense of purpose, a salute to the work our customers do

To bring it all together, a company needs all of you,
The leadership for transformation, the ideas to bring in the new. 
Paired alongside the right tools, are all-in one solutions at the core, 
That make anything possible, even the more. 

The greatest love of all, lies in the labor of love you do,
From the people you touch daily, the impact you create too. 
At Oracle, we get it and salute

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