A Holiday Shopping Season like No Other

A Holiday Shopping Season like No Other

Each year around this time, retail industry writers start posting articles full of tips and predictions for the upcoming holiday shopping season. I was one of those writers last year. If I could have appeared to myself back then as the “Ghost of Retail Future” and foretold all the change to come this year, I would’ve had a hard time believing it. 

Enter 2020—a year when it feels absurd to try to predict what’s to come even in a few months’ time. This isn’t the time for dogmatic predictions, so I won’t do that. What I will do though is talk about how this holiday shopping season is unfolding (as I write this in September), and what some of the implications could be for this year and beyond. 

‘Tis the Season for a Longer Season 

This time around, the season could actually be a season. Black Friday used to kick things off and carry on for a few weeks—as my inbox of “Black Friday deals extended!” email attested. This year it could get started around Halloween and ramp up week after week. Retailers will need to step up their game to keep the momentum going and attract buyers over

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