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HR at Home–A Guide to Advising Friends & Family

When I chose to march down the HR career path, I didn’t anticipate I’d become the “go-to” for all HR and career-related questions from family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s as a privilege to be someone that family and friends can lean on in this area. But while it’s a privilege, it can […]

Lack of Skills Holds Back Recruitment Marketing Efforts – HCM Technology Report

While recruitment marketing is important to meeting the challenges of talent acquisition, a lack of appropriate technical skills puts a drag on execution.

ICIMS recruitment firm acquires Jibe

Recruitment software firm iCIMS has acquired Jibe Inc., a software-as-a-service recruiting technology company.

Top 7 Recruitment Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Technology can change recruitment only when it is executed correctly. These trends are ready to transform human resources and give it a new direction to achieve overall productivity. If you are looking at getting real value from your business, technology is the key to achieve it. But keep in mind that you stay abreast with […]

Can a Robot Interview Better Than a Human?

You might have seen this video around the web over the past few weeks. It’s a new technology being developed and tested in Sweden called “Tengai”: Think about the last time you interviewed a candidate. What was your first initial reaction to them? Before they even opened their mouth? It was probably something like this: […]

Save introduces auditor-matching feature, a jobs referral site that connects retirees with employers, has launched independent officer-matching service to help companies improve compliance with corporate laws.  

En-Tenshoku ranked No. 1 career-change site

Tokyo-based research firm Oricon Inc. has issued its 2019 rankings of career-change sites in Japan, based on customer satisfaction surveys with more than 4,200 of their actual users. 

Mobile Apply Process Still Undermining Search for Top Candidates

The appeal of a quick, mobile, application process has been clear for quite some time, but

iCIMS Acquires Jibe to Expand Engagement, Recruitment Marketing Capabilities – HCM Technology Report

Jibe will power iCIMS’ Attract recruitment marketing product, available as part of its core platform or as the front end of other, integrated solutions.

Zhaopin tests 5G video interview technology

According to a 2018 report by Ernst and Young, China is poised to be the world leader in 5G over the coming few years, with 5G connections in China expected to reach 576 million by 2025, representing over 40 percent of the global total.

Why Don’t We Have a ‘Yelp’ for HR Tech?

The HR Technology ecosystem is a multi-billion a year enterprise. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 different HR technology solutions in the marketplace. If you can think of it, there are at least a dozen solutions on the market or in development in our space. Every single day, in some form or fashion, […]

How to be a Better LGBTQ+ Ally to Coworkers and Candidates

Being an ally is more than just partying at pride parades and wearing rainbow outfits. Sure, those are a great way to show your support–and have a good time–but being an ally means making your LGBTQ+ counterparts feel welcome no matter where they are. And the workplace is a great place to start. Creating an […]

The Key Role AI Will Play In Technology Hiring And Firing – HCM Technology Report

As technology evolves at a breakneck pace, emerging AI systems will revolutionize how organizations make hiring, firing and compensation decisions.

Save partners with JazzHR, a “passive” recruitment platform that allows job seekers to register and wait for job offers, has partnered with JazzHR, an applicant-tracking service catering to small businesses.