6 Job Description Examples & Tips to Attract the Right Candidates

When talent acquisition teams are tasked with attracting candidates for an open position, there are multiple components of the process that must be handled with care to get the best possible candidates in line for the job.

This includes everything from strengthening your employer brand to asking the right questions during the interview process, and having a fully developed and well-written job description is a critical component of succeeding during the hiring process. A great job description must accurately portray the role and weed out inappropriate candidates, while enticing appropriate candidates with just enough information. It also must have its data aligned with online job search platforms. 

There’s quite a bit to consider when writing a good job description, so here we’ll provide some job description examples and good practice tips to follow when looking to avoid the common pitfalls of job description writing.

     1) Create unique job descriptions: Do not use templatized job descriptions

It’s never good practice to use a template for job descriptions. It comes across as divested and very bureaucratic. For jobseekers, there’s not much incentive to apply for a position that looks as if it’s not unique to the company they are

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