5 Ways Top Companies Support Remote Employees With Kids at Home

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For remote employees with children, work-from-home arrangements can be challenging.

Sure, WFH creates more family time thanks to no one having to commute. But when kids are also at home all day — perhaps they’re too young for school, or their classes have gone fully remote — parents must renegotiate their work life-home life boundaries. 

That’s easier said than done, especially with younger children who might not recognize that dad is working when he’s on the phone, or that mom is working when she’s at her laptop with headphones on.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the best employers have recognized this challenge because many of the companies’ managers and executives have found themselves in the same boat. In response, those companies have created policies to support employees who are working with kids at home.

Here are five things those companies are doing to give people the space they need to be productive employees and good parents.

1. They Give Employees Flexibility in Their Schedules

In July 2020, editors at the Harvard Business Review published several leaders from readers on their experiences of working from home with children. One reader, “a single mom by choice with a toddler,” noted how she had

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