5 Quick Ways to Polish Your Company’s Online Employer Brand

Now more than ever, a strong online employer brand is a must. Shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19 have changed the way we approach work, including how companies hire

A clear, consistent online persona communicates your company’s mission, vision, and values via digital media. It establishes your company’s specific presence and personality. As the Internet has become indispensable for connection during social distancing, a company’s online persona allows it to stay engaged with professionals in its industry and in related fields.

Improving a company’s online brand is a relatively simple task that can be achieved remotely. Companies can begin from any of the different starting points below.

Decide What Traits Your Brand Will Highlight

Typically, an employer’s brand or persona is targeted specifically to appeal to an identified audience of job candidates. A company identifies key traits shared by its ideal employees and shapes its brand to attract candidates who share those traits.

To align your company’s online persona to such an objective, start by understanding the key traits and characteristics of the organization and its top performers. Tools like artificial intelligence can help you analyze the profiles of your best team members to spot patterns that can then be used

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