5 Mistakes Organizations Make Going After Hard to Get Talent!

“Hard to get Talent” right now, in 2021, seems to be any kind of talent! The only talent that is not hard to find are people who want to sit on their couch, get high, watch Netflix and still get paid! Unfortunately, let’s hope those jobs go away quickly!

IT, Healthcare, Truck Drivers, Cooks, Skilled Trades, Engineering, Accounting, Supply Chain – give me a segment and I’ll show you companies struggling to find people to come to work for them! I’m taking multiple calls a day from leaders basically begging for answers on how they can solve their talent shortage problem.

Bad News, First.

The talent shortage you’re facing is not going away anytime soon. Most likely, you’ll have to deal with this until the end of 2022. So, buckle up, and prepare to face this for the foreseeable future. Demographics are not on our side, and GenZ, the largest generation of workers, isn’t super excited about your traditional work prospects!

There are literally a hundred different factors that got us to this point and will keep us at this point, but none of those matters when it’s your job to fill jobs at your company!

Why will most companies fail?

  1. They’ll be too cocky. Most of us love who we work for so we have this over-inflated sense of organization. “We’re the best!” No, you’re not. You might not even be above average and quite frankly most people have no idea who you are.
  2. They’ll keep doing what used to work. Well, we posted these jobs on Monster.com in the past and we always filled our roles. Cool, what if that doesn’t work anymore? What will you do now?
  3. They’ll not try something because it failed once before. “Tim, yeah, we tried programmatic jobs ads back in 2018 and it didn’t work for us.” Nice! Have you tried them again since the technology has gotten better? Oh, you did an apprenticeship in 2005 and it was costly, so now you’ll never do it again?
  4. They’ll try and solve the problem on their own. Do you know who else is trying to hire in your market? EVERYONE! Why don’t you put your heads together and work together to help each other? What if company A didn’t hire someone who applied to them, but you would and vice versa? What if you had some part-timers who wanted more hours but you didn’t have any, but someone else you partnered with could give them some more hours and it worked out perfectly to you and the employee?
  5. They’ll be too slow to adjust to what a modern workforce expects. By the way, a modern workforce wants flexibility. That is super hard for hourly, in-person, shift work. SUPER HARD! But, it’s not impossible! The best employers will bring groups of shift workers together and find ways to add flexibility, to add benefits that shift workers find attractive, etc.

Bonus Mistake!

You won’t make candidates feel desired, they won’t feel like you will not survive without their presence in your organization. That quite possibly, you will die without them!

The greatest attraction for all humans is our desire to want to be wanted by another. Too often, organizations fail at attracting talent is simply because they want candidates to want them, but they never truly show the candidate how bad they are wanted.

I see ugly dudes all the time with drop-dead gorgeous wives. Why? Why does a beautiful woman pick a troll as their husband? Okay yes, maybe money! (joking!) But seriously, more than not these men figured out this power of attraction. Let me show you how much you are desired and there’s a great chance that feeling will do its magic!

Organizations have a long uphill battle to face over the next couple of years in getting and keeping the talent they need to survive and prosper. The organizations that make the fewest mistakes will win the talent.

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