4 Retail Recruiting Tips

4 Retail Recruiting Tips

Retailers have a tough hiring challenge. The churn they experience in their workforce can be quite high for many operations. In order to assist recruiters in their search for top talent, we’ve created a list of four helpful retail recruiting tips.

Make it clear and easy to apply

The last thing you want is to lose top-caliber candidates because of a long and cumbersome application process. Go over your company’s application. If it is a multi-page, multi-question tome, identify and remove any unnecessary steps to reduce the time needed to apply.

Making the application process quicker and easier shows that your company is sensitive to the needs of candidates while improving your application conversion rates. Check out this great example from our local Wendy’s.

Audit your job postings

Taking a bit of time to review your job postings is a necessary but often ignored step for retail recruiters. Consider what you are currently saying in your open employment opportunities, and what you have said in the past. Are you providing accurate information? Does the listing show your company in the best light and help sell your job opportunity?

By allowing you opportunities to update or improve your listings, a job posting audit can make an important difference in attracting the right candidate.

Grow your network

It’s a sad fact that 98% of the people who apply to your open positions probably won’t be hired. While having so many people who know your company and most likely use your products want to work for you is a good thing, many retail recruiters make the mistake of discarding these 98%. Basically, they throw the resume in the trash.

A better way to handle this is to potentially fill future openings by using the most promising of the 98% to grow your personal or company network. Create a group of talent you can call upon to quickly fill future openings by inviting the most promising candidates to either connect via your LinkedIn profile or receive future updates by subscribing to a recruiting email newsletter.

Be friends with the Marketing department

HR and Marketing departments always seem to be fighting an internal battle. Marketing wants to control the message being shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – while HR is interested in using that dedicated following to discuss your organization’s employment opportunities.

A good way to bridge this divide is to set up a meeting, whether over lunch or in a conference room, and discuss how you believe the two messages can coexist. Marketers are always on the lookout for fresh content to share on social media outlets, and company employment opportunities fit the bill perfectly. HR and Marketing can work together to tap into the company’s devoted following.

Utilizing these four simple retail recruiting tips will allow you to make the most of your online efforts and attract the top job candidates!