4 Reasons Why Your Job Board Will Fail

4 Reasons Why Your Job Board Will Fail

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Starting a job board today? Keep in mind that there are several reason why it won’t succeed. I have seen these reasons time and time again in over my 20 year job board career.

My goal today to is give you more insight into what to watch out for as you go down the job board path.


This one is probably the easiest to get right but I still some some job boards launch with a horrible design with no attention to detail and a poor user experience. Bad logos, odd looking graphics, poor navigation all contribute to bad design. More importantly bad design lowers the trust factor for potential users. If it looks amateurish, it will fail.


Do yourself a favor if you want to start a job board. Get really good at omni-channel marketing. You need to learn how to drive traffic, build an audience and convert visitors into people who apply or post jobs. Without a marketing plan you are doomed to fail. Its easy to start a job board, the real challenge is keeping it going.


Be sure to pick the right niche. Trying to enter an

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