3 recruiting rules for startups in 2021

3 recruiting rules for startups in 2021
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“Those who survive ‘are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.’” 

When Sequoia released their public letter to founders and CEOs earlier this year, this Darwin analogy would come to mirror the largest contributor to the tech industry sidestepping complete pandemic doom. 

Although a horrifying wave of startup layoffs hit the market in March, this sharp upward trajectory progressed into a stagnating graph for the next 6 months. Business is still booming in tech, with VC fundings in the United States during the third quarter of 2020 hitting a 7-quarter high at $36.5B and 88 US-based companies raised funding rounds of $100M or more. 

AI Sourcing software for high-growth organizations, Hiretual, had a unique opportunity to understand how tech teams moulded a new workforce to meet business goals in the pandemic. User activity on our platform after May 2020 showed a steady increase in searches for tech roles, while software engineers and software developers topped the list throughout the year. Enterprise hiring teams are preparing for the Great Rehire, and startups are expected to feel the heat of competition from tech giants in the new year. 

To adapt to change, startups can take a

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