3 Keys to Great Employer Branding

3 Keys to Great Employer Branding

Just as candidates need to show who they are and what they’re about through their application materials and resumé, employers need to do the same in order to attract and retain the best talent. 

Enter: employer branding. 

What is employer branding? In short, it’s how employees and potential employees perceive your organization. It’s your reputation as an employer including your company values, mission, and treatment of staff.

Here are a few keys to developing and showcasing your employer branding to both future and current employees.

1. Make Company Values & Mission Clear

Think about this: Over half of adults say that company culture & values are more important than salary. Seventy three percent of adults say that they wouldn’t even apply to a job ad at a company if the organization’s values didn’t align with their own personal ones.

So, what are your values? What is your mission? This means more than just what your company does.

Take some time to understand your core values and overall mission. These values need to be clear so that any content, web design, social media posts, and more are

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