3 Key Ingredients of M&A Success

3 Key Ingredients of M&A Success

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are on the radar for many business leaders in 2020 as they look to grow their revenue and product offerings. According to EY’s “Global Capital Confidence Barometer,” 52% of respondents are planning to actively pursue M&A in the next 12 months.

While M&A can be a powerful accelerator to growth, they take considerable time and effort to execute successfully. Here at Workday, in the last two years, we acquired Adaptive Insights and Scout RFP—to gain great talent, expand our product capabilities, and ultimately accelerate our customers’ business transformations.

There were three key factors that helped us successfully integrate these new companies. And for our customers, I think you’ll find that Workday tools can be very helpful to you as you execute on your own M&A strategies. Below, I will share a bit about these three factors.

Quick Integration of Data and Compliance

One of the biggest jobs during an acquisition is integrating data from the company you’re acquiring, including its finance, human resources, payroll, and other operational information. Getting access to data, ensuring its integrity, and mapping it into your own data structure can be a significant challenge, particularly when the two organizations have different systems

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