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How Long Should It Take a Candidate to Make a Decision on a Job Offer?

When you make a candidate an offer, how long do you give them to tell you they want the job or not? 24 hours? 3 days? 1 week? Immediately? For two decades I’ve been in the camp of a candidate should be able to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ immediately, or you (the recruiter and […]

Burn All The QR Codes Down And Follow MarTech To Stay Ahead Of The Recruitment Marketing Curve

The first episode of Shark Tank aired in August of 2009 and I’ve been following it ever since – mostly in syndication and mostly wondering “why I didn’t think of that?” While I love when passionate entrepreneurs land a big deal, it pains me to watch when people have not done the homework and get […]

Rejection and Your Candidate Experience

How to reject candidates.

Save grows revenue 38% in FY2017

In Romania, the job site generated revenue of €8.1 million ($9.5 million U.S.) in FY2017, which was a 38 percent higher than in FY2016, according to a report on The platform reached a market share of 51 percent, according to its own estimates. The site ascribed revenue increase in FY2017 mainly to larges […]

ExecThread Launches Talent-Matching Platform, Announces New Hires

ExecThread, Inc., a premium job-sharing network for executives and the largest aggregator of unpublished executive-level job opportunities, has announced two new leadership hires at the same time as it hits the 25,000 member mark. The announcement was made today by Joe Meyer, Founder and CEO of ExecThread. Doug Stone has been named Head of Data. […]

Susanna Frazier two-time SourceCon Hackathon Champ

Susanna Frazier is an innovative Talent Acquisition Leader that’s “Fluent in Business, Talent, & Technology.” She’s an International Speaker, HR Tech Advisor, Founder of Sourcers Who Code… & the first

Save plots blockchain revolution was a traditional recruitment site. Now, it has been rebuilt from scratch as a blockchain platform. Co-owner Arran Stewart spoke to the AIM Group about the site’s technology, business model and growth plans ahead of its June launch. Stewart (LinkedIn profile) and co-owner Paul Sloyan (LinkedIn profile) both have extensive experience in traditional recruitment. […]

The Life of ‘People Technology Nut’ Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones describes himself on his Linkedin profile as a “people technology nut,” and has weaved his way through a career from human resources to the forefront of HR technology. At the time of interviewing, he was chief technology officer with The Chemistry Group. He has since gone on to work as an advisor with […]

LinkedIn launches internal AI Academy

LinkedIn has created an internal AI Academy for its employees which will start with classes for engineers, product managers and executives. The first cohort of employees from LinkedIn Engineering just started going through the program, and the company says that depending on their experience level, some may complete the program with an AI product that […]

Glassdoor Survey: Culture May Be the Secret Sauce That Makes Candidates Move for a Job

I know this from personal experience: It’s never an easy decision to pick up and move somewhere for a job.

Keep Your Rock Stars Without Busting the Budget

Here’s a thought bubble: Say you have a “rock star” employee, highly satisfied with his/her job, who came in young and hungry, growing into a superstar over several years with incremental raises, and one day gets woke to the fact they’re being paid way below market value; like in the 25% below or greater range – […]

The Vision of Pipeline Sourcing – Part 1

As we take our transformational journey in talent acquisition, we’ve seen significant shifts in how companies obtain talent. Throughout the years we have seen talent acquisition move from being order takers to becoming a strategic partner within the business (some more successful than others, this will be a future article) in the quest of securing […]

Confused by All the Software? So Is Everyone

If you strive to keep up to date with HR technology, you’ll continually run into new categories. For example, there are a whole host of vendors who offer tools to enable video interviewing hence “Video Interviewing Software” has become a category. That’s pretty clear and useful to know.

Compliance Training Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

The modern workplace expects employees to be flexible, accessible and fast moving. Shouldn’t the same apply to online compliance training? Yes, and the good news is that compliance training is breaking out of its boring lane.