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Why Don’t We Have a ‘Yelp’ for HR Tech?

The HR Technology ecosystem is a multi-billion a year enterprise. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 different HR technology solutions in the marketplace. If you can think of it, there are at least a dozen solutions on the market or in development in our space. Every single day, in some form or fashion, […]

How to be a Better LGBTQ+ Ally to Coworkers and Candidates

Being an ally is more than just partying at pride parades and wearing rainbow outfits. Sure, those are a great way to show your support–and have a good time–but being an ally means making your LGBTQ+ counterparts feel welcome no matter where they are. And the workplace is a great place to start. Creating an […]

The Key Role AI Will Play In Technology Hiring And Firing – HCM Technology Report

As technology evolves at a breakneck pace, emerging AI systems will revolutionize how organizations make hiring, firing and compensation decisions.

Save partners with JazzHR, a “passive” recruitment platform that allows job seekers to register and wait for job offers, has partnered with JazzHR, an applicant-tracking service catering to small businesses.

Fiverr crushes its IPO

Israel-based freelance platform Fiverr has enjoyed an auspicious IPO, with its share prices climbing 90 percent during its first day of trading: from $21 to $39.90 per share.

This is HR! A new Podcast from @Kris_Dunn, @Jessica_Lee and I! Check it out!

Hey gang! Wanted to share a new podcast that I launched with my two of my close friends Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee, called “This is HR!” In the pilot of THIS IS HR, Jessica Lee (VP of Brand Talent, Marriott) is joined by Kris Dunn (CHRO at Kinetix) and I for a discussion of […]

Great Job Descriptions Matter

I black out with rage whenever someone tells me they want TA or recruiting to report to marketing. While recruiting has both a marketing and sales component, the backbone of hiring is the job description—a compensation, compliance, and technical tool meant to define the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the role. Job descriptions […]

Roundup: HR Analytics Market Grows; Lattice Strengthens Goal-Setting – HCM Technology Report

Our roundup of deals, announcements and HR technology news. This week: HR analytics market keeps growing; Lattice reintroduces Goals module.

Using RChilli to accelerate your candidate screening process

Essentially the premise on how do you accelerate the process from application to the onboarding of the candidate. Traditionally, this would mean getting the applications in, manual screening of those applications, going through rounds of selections (which include phone/face-to-face interview), offer and onboarding.

Save upgrades HRTech

Japanese leading career-change site has added interview schedule and email functions to its applicant tracking system HRTech to help its registered employers improve hiring efficiency. is owned by…

Harnessing the Power of HRTech Plugins in Talent Acquisition

Do you think its just another article talking about technology and recruitment? No, wait a sec! Surely, I am going to pinpoint how technology can simplify talent acquisition. But you might want to know about the solutions which can hit the right pain point in recruitment.

Do you have an expiration date on your offer letters? #ghOPEN

I was out at Greenhouse OPEN this week and got into a conversation with a group of TA leaders about whether or not you should have expiration dates on offers. Which brings up a couple of things we need to discuss: Do you have candidates first verbally approve an offer before you send them the […]

Do Activist Employees At Google Represent The Masses?

If you’re an HR leader, one important thing to get your head around is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its connection to the mission of your company and the market choices your company makes. Welcome to the new world. You can’t simply chase a profitable line of business that exists on the fringes without considering […]

To Squash Fears of Failure, Discipline Yourself to Keep Moving.

“Action cures fear” – Mike Kim. I am someone who needs structure. And you do to. For the last 18 months, I’ve been on my own workwise. Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t a missive on entrepreneurialism. However, going from larger corporate environments to working for an organization of one (me) has forced me […]